About YCMA

Our Mission

As a result of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, nearly all schools and learning centers across the country have been closed until further notice, leaving many students without mathematical education. Our goal here at YCMA is to provide high quality, free, virtual instruction as well as engaging mathematical immersion activities in a time when many similar events have been canceled due to this global crisis.

Who we are

The instructors of YCMA are composed of four highly motivated high school mathematicians from New Jersey. You can learn more about us from our Instructors page.

Who is YCMA for

As of now, YCMA's main audience is mathletes who are aiming to do well in the AIME as well as make the transition from computational mathematics to olympiads. However, we recommend anyone with an interest in competition math to listen to our lectures.

Our Name

YCMA stands for Youth Conway Math Association. We have all recently heard the deeply saddening news that beloved Princeton mathematician John Conway had passed from Coronavirus, and we have named our education association as a tribute to his amazing contributions to mathematics.